For many, fashion is limited to the naked eye, but for Founder & CEO, Kate Hayez, fashion is transformative in its ability to empower inward change and leave a lasting impression on all who encounter it. With a diverse background and vast experience within fashion, Kate always knew she wanted a brand of her own. From a child, Kate was always fascinated with the fashion industry. As a Louisiana native, she attended a number of fashion camps from New Orleans to New York and many places in between!

In 2008 a major tragedy involving Kate’s father left her uninspired and less determined. Nevertheless, she gravitated to art as a means for releasing her inner frustration which simultaneously channeled her inner creativity. Upon awakening his coma, Kate discovered that her father was paralyzed. Distressing, bleaching, and painting denim jeans was Kate’s outlet. This truly brought out her creative side and through clothing she was able to express herself.

While in high school she interned at a local boutique in Covington, LA. During her experience here, Kate realized that not only did she have a desire for fashion, but also a passion for entrepreneurship. Hence, Kate is currently pursuing her Fashion Merchandising degree with a minor in Business at Louisiana State University (LSU) where she continues to learn about fashion from an academic perspective. During her sophomore year she was one of twenty-five college students selected to join the Canal Place Style Board of Fall 2018.  With the inspiration and guidance of her mentors from the Style Board, Kate quickly learned that nothing is impossible and she too could create anything she put her mind and grind to! With her membership on the Board coming to an end, Kate decided to create a blog, TheFashionFeen, which focuses on beauty, fashion, and all-around inspiration. The shop came not long after. On April 9, 2019 FEEN was born.

FEEN lives and breathes its motto: Dress to Express. From the designer’s personalized tees to curated collections to cute intimates and stylish accessories, FEEN is a lifestyle brand offering exclusive clothing that offers a luxury look without the luxury prices. The brand’s founder, Kate Nicole, expresses herself through her clothing with clever quotes, motivational phrases, and stylish designs. The goal is to inspire people of all ages and races to live their best lives and to always believe in themselves. FEEN reinforces values, goals, attitudes, interests and abilities. Whether you are fun, feisty, or fashionable, FEEN motivates you to fearlessly be your best self. So, what do you FEEN for?

Through hard work, dedication, and consistency Kate continues to build her brand from the ground up. Not only does Kate wear her brand, she is her brand! Putting around the clock effort and hard work into FEEN, her work ethic is proof that with ambition, patience, and persistence; anything is possible!